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My Attitude

Or lets say "My personal point of view".

In strongly believe that the right mix of aesthetics, functionality and pragmatism repressents magnificent products.
Allowing people to integrate these into their lifes and work, the driving force of our society is born: Innovation.

Ever since my childhood I was interested in combining different domains. In my opinion collaboration and sharing knowledge are representing the pillars that improve our world.

Our planet and our fellows are the two most valuable assets that we have. Especially in our present time we should be able to live and work in a friendly and environmentally conscious surrounding.

Many people are fueled by their interests like making music, developing technologies, doing sports or saving their environment.
Only who is interested in trying out new things is able to evolve, regardless whether it is out of failure or out of success.


The road so far - or what I have done.


Mobile App Development


Productive Operating Systems

Programming Languages

Capability to change the World

Project Management

Working with People

Web Development

Customizing to your needs

Embedded Systems

Hidden usability

About Me

Who I am and where I am coming from.

  • 1990

    My Journey Begins

    I was born in Borna - Germany as my parents little sunshine. I grew up in a little village in the countryside, started playing piano and flute at the age of 6, got enrolled with 7 and have been a stuntman with 8. The last one probably only in my fantasy.

  • July 2009

    School's Over, Let's Study!

    After 12 years of school, primary and high school, I was ready to make the first step into the real world. I decided to study and considered several different subjects, namely archeology, physics, lectureship of general science and computer science. In the end, I have stuck with computer science.

  • October 2012

    First Degree and Heading on

    Three years later I got a Bachelor's degree from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. For further education I have decided to study a Master's degree in Computer Science.

  • October 2013

    What's about Music?

    I have always been interested in music, especially in Classical music, Klezmer and Jazz. Searching for music lessons, I met Dr. Frank Liebscher - the best instructor I have met so far - who is teaching me my favorite instrument: The Saxophone =)

  • October 2015

    Second Degree and the first Job

    Another three years later, I have become a brand new Master of Science. Two month after that, I have started to work as a research associate at an institute of the University of Leipzig, focusing on driving the Slidewiki EU project further.

  • What's about the Future?

    Since I finished my studies, I plan to travel the world, meet different cultures and work in different countries as a Computer Scientist. You felt interested in me or got someone who could be? Perfect! Do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.


Corporations, that have accompanied me.

Avicomp Controls GmbH

Working as a developer for embedded systems, I learned much about them and especially how it is to work in a team.

Meissner Alternative Energienutzung

As a web developer I got free rein to develop a new and attractive website, using the latest and brightest technologies.

Institute for Applied Informatics

As a Research Associate I am involved in several pioneering (EU) projects in the area of Semantic Web and Web-Applications.

All of these companies have taught me important things about working in teams, customer care and my profession. Without them, I wouldn't be the same person.

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I can't wait to meet you!

The easiest way to contact me is to write an e-mail. I am looking forward to new and interesting challenges, offers and contacts.

You can also find me in social networks!